VeterHands Employee Matching Process


The biggest problems faced by Not for Profits today are boiled down to three things: qualified volunteers, the time those volunteers can give to a program and people willing to donate money to your cause. VeterHands has developed a patent pending business process that addresses all of these issues. If your company has a matching program, you can participate in the process directly usually with little or no impact on their pay or vacation time all while providing veterans with job training, skills and real world experiences.

When we receive a donation that has matching, we reach out to the person making the donation and ask them to participate in the training process. At VeterHands, we feel that your vacation time is also something we want to protect. So we ask that while participating that you take unpaid leave from your work. During this time you become a paid consultant for VeterHands and participate in real world training scenarios with our veterans. In this way they receive a friendly and sympathetic experience that eliminates the risk of exposing untrained customers. You'll work closely with the veterans during this time - giving much needed feedback and your opinions of the services provided.

After reimbursing you for your time and paying for the facilities and services used during this training exercise, VeterHands uses the additional funds to train and certify our veterans. In this way the situation is a win-win for everyone involved. Veterans get trained, donors lose no vacation or pay and VeterHands provides training and real world experience with no customer risk to the veterans.

An example of how this works: Bob works for Widgetco Inc. Widgetco matches Bob's donations (up to $3500 per year). Bob donates $3500 to VeterHands and Widgetco matches the donation. VeterHands identifies a veteran for training and puts them through certification. Once certified the veteran does not yet have the real world experience needed to be hired but does have the knowledge and certification. Bob then takes unpaid leave for one week to work closely with the veteran who has been trained. VeterHands pays Bob $3500 for his services and arranges accommodations, equipment and necessary items for scenario training. In this case the veteran has been trained as a PADI DiveMaster and Bob will accompany the veteran on a series of dives in Cozumel. During this time the veteran receives feedback and encouragement from Bob. Since Bob is providing services to VeterHands all the expenses are covered as training by VeterHands. After expenses and Bob's fees, approximately $2500 is left over to enroll new veterans into additional training. Bob has not been impacted monetarily nor has he lost vacation. The net result is a win-win for everyone involved.

This is a patent pending business process.